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Government in Exile

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            In the book Nazi Rule and Dutch Collaboration talks about how the Dutch Government than became in exile. The Queen and cabinet members escaped by Navy ship to England and established governmnet in exile to continue to fight against Germany. Army had capitulated but Germany didn't surrender. The exile government intended to fight on Holland colonies which were Indonesia and West Indies. The government tried to direct the underground movement which was effective until 1943. In 1944, Prince Bernard was named head of Eternal forces in the Netherlands. The Prince who was a Dutch merchant marine worked alongside British navy and was a fighter pilot and had Dutch quadrant in RAF. The Dutch army than had a burg aid which was called Princess Irene. It was named after the Queen's granddaughter. The government in exile was ineffective because couldn't exert any power on decisions in the Netherlands. The rallying was for the Dutch people under the German occupation. After this exile there was an article released. It was in 1944 and it was a Propaganda. Dutch always said that when Germany was defeated there would be a Ax day which was chop off all the heads of the sympathizing Nazis. On September 8th, 1944 the panic broke out. All Nazi sympathizers left Holland and this day became known as Mad Tuesday.

             I realize that problems which exist today in a country have been struggles that have existed in other countries for many years. It starts with that spark of freedom and the desire for democracy and if they are lucky enough they find a way to make that spark progress into a burning flame. This is when my grandfather starts to instill the love in me for which he has for America. The land that faught for freedom and has given him so many opportunities, something he made sure I never take advantage of.












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