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           At this part of my grandfather telling the story I really wanted to know more about the history of this war. I wanted to know what came next after all this destruction that occurred with the life around my grandfather's home. I turned to him and asked him what the Germans did next. What could they possibly do now?

          After the rise of the Germany government and the change of the lifestyle for the Dutch, oppression began. In The Case of the Netherlands in the German Invasion Crisis of 1939-1940: The Weak State in International Crisis describes what extremes the Germans went to under oppression. The Germans placed a strict curfew on the Dutch. It was they were not allowed to be outside their homes from 10pm to 7am. If they were to be outside they had to have a special permit which had their name, job and their fingerprint. The Germans than realized that this permit was a good way to keep order so by the end of 1940 everyone was to have these permits with them at all times. The Jewish had to wear a star, were not allowed to use transportation or be in any public place. All their belongings were taken away and they were then put in transit camp called Westerbork. Later they were then sent to Death camps. The Germans then started taking hostages. If the Dutch were to kill any Nazi, they made a law. For every 1 Nazi killed, 2 hostages would be shot in public places and their bodies left there. Germans started to evacuate civilian population up to 5 miles from the coast to prevent people from going across sea to England. They started to take houses and destroy them; if the allies would land they would have nothing there. The Germans did everything in their power to make the Dutch lives miserable and no way to escape. The Dutch had no resource or safe-haven to look to. They were alone and stuck under the German power.

         After hearing what my grandfather told me, I really realized that not only was his family affected negatively. It wasn't just the families; it was the Dutch army, and the people in the work force. My heart sank and I started to get a pit in my stomach. It is so hard for me to believe that people and kids even my age went through this time. It makes me appreciate life more. I know that we are not at full peace with other countries, but nothing like World War 2 has occurred in my lifetime, and hopefully never will.  





Permit everyone had to carry with them
















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