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Rise of Germany Government

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                                                                             German Soldiers Invading Netherlands





            After describing what my grandfather and his family did to try to keep themselves safe, the pain in his eyes intensified. He told me what came next was more of the beginning of the war for the people in the Netherlands. In the book The Case of the Netherlands in German Invasion Crisis of 1939-1940: The Weak State in International Crisis doesn't focus too much on what the cause of the war was but mainly what the influence and the power the German government had on controlling the Netherlands. The rise of the German government began with one person, Adolf Hitler. He was the creating of all the laws against many of the Jews living in the Netherlands. But before many of those laws came about, he installed a high commissioner, Arthur Seyss Inquart. Then my grandfather laughs and tells me a joke the Dutch had for this man. They made fun of his last name, they called him Arthur "Six and a Quart." This commissioner was a attorney in Vienna until became an Austrian minister of the interior in 1938. Inquart wielded the supreme power and for it to be under direct control of Berlin. Than after installing Inquart, Germany appointed Hanns Albin Rauter, "Higher SS and Police Chief." This was for the occupied Netherlands S.D. In Dutch it is called the Gestapo, the secret Police. All these commissioners and police had absolute power over everyone and everything. As a way to try to get the Dutch voices heard was by creating a small Dutch Nazi Party called the NSB. The head of the party was Anton Mussert, and everyone called him misfit for this job because he married his Aunt who was 15 years older than him. This Dutch Nazi Party thought they would have their voice heard but in fact they were ignored by Germans. This rise of the German government created such a hostile environment which leads to even worse events.

            After my grandfather finished telling me a huge sigh escaped from his mouth. He always tells me how when him and his family heard about the rise of the government and the people, they all were in shock of how strong one government can get and be. I have to admit every time I never was interested in history ever. It was the one subject in middle and high school which I was never looking forward to learning about. But after hearing my grandfather tell me his life and the history of his life and how he got here, it intrigues me to the extreme. It isn't the history, it is the fact that my grandfather, a person whose blood runs through mine, who went through such a devastating time. He is history in my eyes.







                                                                 Evacuation of the citizen of the village of Wassinaar near the Haque






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